Civil Engineering 

•   Highway and transportation planning and design and rural access road planning.

•   Water resources planning and development, and, water supply and reticulation.

•   Structural engineering and estate development,

•   Hydrology and hydro – geological studies.

•   Habour and marine engineering.

•   Rail planning and design.

•   Industrial rehabilitation.

Information Technology

Information technology has become a very important part of the business world today. From small companies to big corporations and government departments depend on ICT to perform their core business functions. Depending on its reliability and functionality, technology can be a great enabler of a business' growth or, in contrast, can be responsible for its downfall. It is therefore crucial that the right choices be made regarding information technology, while not losing sight of the long-term objective of your core business.


Mechanical Engineering

•    Air conditioning and heating systems, mechanical ventilation systems, compressed air system
•    Laundry equipment and services
•    Medical, Industrial and Vacuum services
•    Fire protection systems (water and gas)
•    Refrigeration installations and cold stores.


Project Management

Our leadership comprises of Masters of Project Management. We are able to initiate, plan, deploy and commission projects to meet your needs. We evaluate the scope, budget, challenges and the needs of your business.

We offer the following project solutions:

•    Rollout or deployment of ICT infrastructure.
•    Deployment or removal of software.
•    Operating system and other software upgrades